Using Compose to go from Docker to Kubernetes

    This is a cross post from Jérôme Petazzoni ( We are proud to be promoting Jérôme's upcoming Docker and Kubernetes trainings in Montreal and Quebec City.

    Contributing to Kubernetes: Open-Source Citizenship

    I’ve been using Kubernetes for a while now and decided it was time to be a responsible open-source citizen, and contribute some code. So I started combing their issue tracker, looking for a relatively...

    5 min read

    An experiment in diversity and inclusion

    Let's face it: the tech industry is not the most diverse. This is particularly true when it comes to engineering in general, and even more so in the operations community (i.e. Ops, DevOps, Infrastruct...

    Cloud Native in 2019: A Look Ahead

    Enterprise grade CI/CD with GitOps

    Implementing Continuous Delivery[1] at enterprise scale is a major challenge. As every company has to innovate their software delivery methods, we need to allow individual teams to learn and improve t...

    Best of CS 2018: Kubernetes

    Best of 2018: How To Be a Cloud Native Company

    3 min read

    Best of 2018: Cloud Native Patterns

    6 min read

    What's In It For Me? What's the Business Case for Cloud Native? Part 2

    In the first part of this blog two-parter we discussed who shouldn't embark on a Cloud Native transformation right now. In part two, we'll talk about who should.