Riding the Tiger: Lessons Learned Implementing Istio

May 29, 2020 by Ian Miell

Recently I (along with a few others much smarter than me) had occasion to implement a ‘real’ production system with Istio, running on a managed cloud-provided Kubernetes service. 

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FluxCD, ArgoCD or Jenkins X: Which Is the Right GitOps Tool for You?

GitOps—the idea to fully manage applications and infrastructure using a Git-based workflow—is gaining a lot of traction recently. Nothing shows it better than a new generation of deployment tools, which treat GitOps as the main organising principle for Continuous Delivery. 

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How to Move Metrics from Locust.io to Grafana via Prometheus

Apr 13, 2020 by Piotr Perzyna

Do you need to see results from your load tests? Do you know how to present stats on a well-arranged dashboard? We built an in-house solution called Locust Exporter for gathering metrics from load tests.

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How to Create Cross-Account User Roles for AWS with Terraform

Apr 7, 2020 by Charlotte Mach

Most companies these days use multiple cloud accounts to separate resources, customers, or even internal departments. With multiple AWS accounts, it’s practical to rely on a so-called bastion account for Identity and Access Management (IAM) users. It serves as one central place for users, S3 buckets, and other shared resources.

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Deep Dive: Deployment Automation for Applications on Kubernetes (Part 2)

Mar 18, 2020 by Philipp Strube

This post is the second part of a series. Read the first part here.

In the first part of this deep dive, we looked at kubectl and how it is a quick and easy way to do deployments but how certain edge cases make it difficult to build robust automation on top of it. In this second part, we want to take a look at using Kustomize and Terraform for application deployment automation, and why we need both.

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