8 min read

    Learn jq the Hard Way,Part IV: Pipes

    Introducing the KATE Stack

    At Container Solutions, one of our ‘bread and butter’ engagements is to help a software infrastructure team move from more traditional software delivery paradigms to Cloud Native ones.

    9 min read

    How eBPF enables Cloud Native Innovation and Performance

    Many organisations today adopted Cloud Native to allow the development and delivery of novel products and services. What was a breakthrough competitive advantage adopted only by elite teams became the...

    12 min read

    Engineering Ethics: It’s Not Just The Money We’re Talking About

    In part 2 of this series we looked at some examples of how poor company culture resulted in wasting a great deal of both money and time for the company, hurting both it and its shareholders. But unfor...

    16 min read

    Are Your Cloud Native Transformation Timelines Realistic?

    Under the heading ‘The Future of Cloud’, Gartner ran a symposium for CIOs and IT executives in 2022 including much discussion about strategies relating to Cloud and Cloud Native trends. At least two o...

    19 min read

    A Conway’s Law Variant: How Company Culture Impacts Code Quality

    In Part 1, we discussed what can be done at the individual and team level to commit to a certain level of quality and to ensure that quality practices become part of the daily routine and are not seen...

    WTF a Developer Platform is Not

    Goodness, have I read and written a lot about platform engineering so far this year. Platform engineering is the sociotechnical discipline of crafting, building and combining all the common tools need...

    Frictionless Ergonomics: Switching to an Ergonomic Keyboard for Productivity, Comfort, and Wellbeing

    Have you ever felt pain in your hand or arm at the end of a regular day’s work?

    Is it Imperative to be Declarative?

    Recently, in Container Solutions’ engineering Slack channel, a heated argument ensued amongst our engineers after a Pulumi-related story was posted. I won’t recount the hundreds of posts in the thread...