WTFinar (with transcript): Designing for Habitability

    Platforms are all the rage.

    WTF is Cilium?

    Is it a networking tool? Is it a security tool? Is it an observability tool? Is it a service mesh? Is it a load balancer? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and, yes… and so much more. So WTF is it really? Here’s my...

    Management Transformation Patterns: The 'Curse of Plenty'

    In mediaeval times, there was a mythical land of Cockaigne in popular culture that served as a fantasy for the hungry masses. In this land, physical comforts were always available, and the harshness o...

    WTF is API Product Management?

    API Product Management is a field growing in both size and importance. As more and more companies implement their own APIs and create dependencies on the APIs of others within their own organisations,...

    How to Build a Full-stack Team of T-shaped Developers

    "The idea of the ‘full-stack developer’ is rather quaint, a throwback to the late 1990s when the ‘full stack’ meant a single development framework like Delphi 5 or VB6. However, in the modern world, t...

    Is it Possible to Prod (Manage) Developers into Feeling Happier?

    Despite appearances to the contrary, developers are on balance a happy bunch. But only just.

    WTF is Istio?

    My last post asked WTF is a Service Mesh?. Now we’re familiar with the overall concept, in this article I’m going to take a dive into the most popular Mesh, Istio. This will be more practical and deta...

    How to Design an Internal Developer Platform

    WTF is an IDP?

    #A11y: Accessibility Is Part of the Developer Experience

    The tech industry works hard to break away from monolithic architecture. Yet, we’ve neglected to move away from the idea of the monolithic developer experience.