Why the 10x Engineer Myth Needs to Go

Jul 15, 2019 by Jamie Dobson


There was a whole kerfuffle on Twitter this weekend because someone posted about 10X engineers. I didn’t give it much thought. However, over the weekend, the noise just didn’t seem to stop, which got me thinking about the olden days and where this idea of a 10X engineer came from.

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Anne Currie Teams Up With Container Solutions

Mar 21, 2017 by Jamie Dobson

LONDON — 21 March 2017 — Anne Currie and Container Solutions to join forces to further their aim of helping SMEs and Enterprises reap the benefits of Cloud Native.

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We are cohosting the Gopher Gala 2016

Jan 5, 2016 by Carlos Leon

It's official. We're pleased to announce we are going to be co-hosting the Gopher Gala 2016.

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How Protocol Buffers are Used in Mesos Framework Development

Jun 25, 2015 by Frank Scholten

In this blog I will discuss the role of protocol buffers in Mesos framework development. Protocol buffers are used extensively for messaging and serialization inside Mesos and when developing Mesos frameworks. I will show how to use its APIs when developing a framework using examples from the Mesos Elasticsearch project.

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Docker Security Cheat Sheet

Jun 18, 2015 by Jamie Dobson

The accompanying blog, that forms the notes for this cheat sheet, can be read here.

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