Container Solutions and Isovalent Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Customers Unlock Cloud Native Innovation with Cilium and eBPF

London and Cupertino – 5th April 2023 – Container Solutions, the leading independent cloud-native consultancy in Europe, and Isovalent, the creators of Cilium, today announce their strategic delivery partnership to enable finance, telco and manufacturing customers with an easy path to better performance and scalability with advanced cloud-native eBPF-based Connectivity, Security, and Observability capabilities.

Cilium and eBPF revolutionise multi/hybrid cloud connectivity, security, and observability capabilities. With the disruptive eBPF kernel technology and the open-source Cilium platform, Isovalent bridges the IT landscape into a unified data plane, providing seamless accessibility, security, and observation of resources, irrespective of their location.

Isovalent's Cilium enterprise brings faster innovation, more efficient networking, and greater performance and scalability to the Cloud Native stack. Cilium enables enterprises to achieve a more agile, leaner, and faster delivery by reducing tooling requirements and simplifying the IT landscape. This reduces time-to-market, shorter response times, and increased operational efficiency due to less complexity.

The growing complexity and the speed of change force customers into a dual transformation effort – operating the Cloud Native platform while building the forward capabilities to support continued cloud-native innovation. Container Solutions developed a templated delivery approach that reduces the time to a production-ready installation build to specific requirements and guarantees sustainable knowledge transfer and enablement for customer teams.

“Complexity and scale are among the most pressing challenges for organisations that aspire to unlock the next level of cloud native benefits. Especially industries like telco, banking, and manufacturing are under pressure to solve these challenges quickly. Container Solutions’ engineers have a great reputation in the cloud native ecosystem. We’re pleased to welcome them as partners to Isovalent. Their dedicated delivery approach will enable customers to adopt Cilium swiftly and with measurable success.”
Thomas Graf, Isovalent, Co-Founder & CTO

“For the last eight years, we’ve envisioned, designed, built, and run complex cloud native infrastructure engineering programs for banks, telcos, and global manufacturers, achieving strategic business goals with cloud native engineering and strategy. The power of Cilium and eBPF combined with our structured delivery method enables businesses to realise the competitive advantages of advanced cloud-native Connectivity, Security, and Observability.”
Jon Greatbatch, Container Solutions, VP of Engineering

Learn more about our eBPF and Cilium Accelerator for Cloud Native Networking.

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