WTF?! Container Solutions Marries EngineerBetter

Container Solutions celebrated Valentine’s Day by getting hitched. 

We’re delighted to announce we have acquired 100% of EngineerBetter Ltd., a U.K. consultancy focused on the use of Cloud Native technologies and digital transformation.

It’s the first time Container Solutions has acquired another business since its founding in 2014, and we’re downright giddy about it. The move gives us a stronger position in the U.K. as well as within the digital transformation field. 

EngineerBetter’s leader, who will continue in his role, sounded pretty chuffed about it, too. 

‘By being part of Container Solutions we can accelerate our mission to help organisations deliver value faster’, said EngineerBetter CEO Daniel Jones. ‘Cloud Native isn’t about YAML—it’s about creating better outcomes for businesses and creating work that is more meaningful for employees. The folks at Container Solutions really understand this, and I’m excited that together we will change the way businesses are implemented via software.’

The management and staff of EngineerBetter will be part of Container Solutions, which is employee-owned, from day one.

EngineerBetter, founded in 2016, works with some of the world's biggest banks, global wealth-management enterprises, FTSE 100 retailers, nonprofit organisations, and software vendors, helping them build teams and work more effectively. Clients have included the tech companies Pivotal, Siemens, Smarsh, and the retailer Marks and Spencer.

The two organisations are an obvious match, said Jamie Dobson, Container Solutions’s co-founder and CEO.

“It was clear from the very beginning that EngineerBetter and Container Solutions share the same value system, hence it felt natural to join forces,” Jamie said. “EngineerBetter is deeply connected into the tech community and has a strong presence in the U.K. through it’s already established partnerships with some of the global players in the industry. This is the right platform for EngineerBetter to further fuel a joint growth story within the Container Solutions family.” 

He added, “On top of this, the team at EngineerBetter has shown to be a fantastic addition to the CS setup and we are very excited to finally be able to share this news and welcome them to the group.”

The official announcement can be found here.

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