Heather Joslyn

    Heather Joslyn
    Heather Joslyn is editor-in-chief at Container Solutions.

    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Psychological Safety

    I’ve worked at Container Solutions for two years, but I don’t come from a tech background. I went to journalism school and spent many years in newsrooms. It was a fun job, most of the time—you’re surr...

    1 min read

    ‘Cloud Native Transformation’ Authors on Agile Uprising Podcast

    Our co-founders Jamie Dobson and Pini Reznik appeared on the Agile Uprising Podcast this week to talk about their book, Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation.

    1 min read

    3 Questions: Cheryl Hung, of CNCF, on Why Cloud Native Is a Movement

    In our recurring feature, 3 Questions, we ask influential people in the Cloud Native community a trio of queries aimed at defining WTF Cloud Native is. In this edition, Cheryl Hung, vice president of ...

    1 min read

    Upskilling a Team: an Engineers' Roundtable

    If you're going to tackle a Cloud Native transformation—or any new project—chances are your team is going to have to learn new things. How do you win over skeptics, or alleviate the anxieties of team ...

    9 min read

    Case Study: How Cloud Native Powered E-Commerce Success at Adidas

    E-commerce moves fast, but perhaps never more so than in the world of sneakers and sportswear. Sneakerheads crave the latest designs and colorways; the staid functionality of gymwear has long ago give...

    2 min read

    WTF?! Container Solutions Marries EngineerBetter

    Container Solutions celebrated Valentine’s Day by getting hitched. We’re delighted to announce we have acquired 100% of EngineerBetter Ltd., a U.K. consultancy focused on the use of Cloud Native techn...

    What's Next for Cloud Native?: an Engineers'  Roundtable

    The year 2020 would caution anyone against making bold predictions for the future. But Container Solutions engineers are always looking ahead anyway, so we asked some of them: WTF is next for Cloud Na...

    WTF Is Kubernetes?

    Kubernetes is an open-source tool that has helped accelerate the Cloud Native movement. In this video roundtable, a few of our engineers took a stab at a more complete definition.

    WTF Are Containers?

    For a start, containers are a way to package up applications with all their dependencies. Now watch as some Cloud Native engineers from Container Solutions unpack that concept more fully. Bonus: a coc...