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    Heather Joslyn

    Heather Joslyn
    Heather Joslyn is editor-in-chief at Container Solutions.

    What's Next for Cloud Native?: an Engineers'  Roundtable

    The year 2020 would caution anyone against making bold predictions for the future. But Container Solutions engineers are always looking ahead anyway, so we asked some of them: WTF is next for Cloud Na...

    WTF Is Kubernetes?

    Kubernetes is an open-source tool that has helped accelerate the Cloud Native movement. In this video roundtable, a few of our engineers took a stab at a more complete definition.

    WTF Are Containers?

    For a start, containers are a way to package up applications with all their dependencies. Now watch as some Cloud Native engineers from Container Solutions unpack that concept more fully. Bonus: a coc...

    WTF Are Microservices?

    They can prevent your whole system from going down when something goes wrong. But there's a lot more to them than that. In this video, some Cloud Native engineers from Container Solutions offer their ...

    6 min read

    3 Questions: Holly Cummins and David McKay Tackle 'WTF Is Cloud Native?'

    WTF is Cloud Native? Even the experts don't completely agree. In our continuing series 3 Questions, Cloud Native influencers tackle a trio of queries about this mysterious movement. This month's answe...

    WTF Is Cloud Native Technology?

    Cloud Native is so big, sprawling, new, and complex, even our own Cloud Native engineers grapple with the best ways to define it, its problems, and its perks. 

    4 min read

    3 for 3: a Trio of Cloud Native Influencers Answer WTF's Big Questions

    WTF is Cloud Native? Even the experts don't completely agree. To help us unpack this sprawling topic, WTF is launching a series in which we ask some of the industry's thought leaders three key questio...

    3 min read

    Container Solutions Talks Next-Gen Cloud on a New Stack Podcast

    More companies are taking environmental sustainability into account when they choose cloud providers, said Ian Crosby, Container Solutions’ Chief Technology Officer, on the latest episode of The Maker...

    2 min read

    'Forbes' Article on Climate Impact Features Container Solutions Expert

    Investors, regulators, consumers, and even the employees of an increasing number of companies are putting pressure on enterprises to fight climate change with their choice of cloud providers, accordin...