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    Heather Joslyn

    Heather Joslyn
    Heather Joslyn is editor-in-chief at Container Solutions.
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    Container Solutions Talks Next-Gen Cloud on a New Stack Podcast

    More companies are taking environmental sustainability into account when they choose cloud providers, said Ian Crosby, Container Solutions’ Chief Technology Officer, on the latest episode of The Maker...

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    'Forbes' Article on Climate Impact Features Container Solutions Expert

    Investors, regulators, consumers, and even the employees of an increasing number of companies are putting pressure on enterprises to fight climate change with their choice of cloud providers, accordin...

    Meet Container Solutions's New CTO: a Chat With Ian Crosby

    What a time to start a new job. In June, in the midst of COVID-19-related economic upheaval around the world, Container Solutions named its new chief technology officer. Ian Crosby replaces CS co-foun...


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    What Does an SRE Do?

    Being a Site Reliability Engineer, or SRE, is a hot job—and an expensive one to keep on staff. 

    Case Study: How CS’ Braintrust Helped Immedis Focus on What Really Matters

    Immedis is looking toward the future. It created and runs an enterprise-grade platform that supports payroll functions for some of the fastest-growing global companies, including Uber. 

    What the COVID-19 Crisis Reveals About Fragile Tech and 'Swimming Naked'

    When preparing contingency plans for a potential crisis, a global pandemic would not previously have been high on any CEO’s list of likely scenarios. But a global pandemic has arrived, with terrible s...

    Container Solutions' Trow Project Featured in The New Stack

    At Container Solutions, our engineers not only serve clients but also contribute to open-source projects and create new software. We were proud to find that one of our projects—Trow, an image-manageme...

    How Container Solutions’ Creativity Can Help You Cope With the COVID-19 Crisis

    It’s been a hell of a week. Last week, I wrote about how the COVID-19, or coronavirus, crisis was forcing millions of workers to work from home, and could spark increased demand in the crisis aftermat...

    Will COVID-19 Build a Case for More Remote Work?

    As COVID-19, or coronavirus continues its rapid spread, it’s having an impact not only on human health but also on the global economy. The tech world is feeling it. In Silicon Valley, Google cancelled...