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    9 min read

    What We've Learned from Launching a Runbooks Project

    Back in 2017, I wrote on my personal blog about Things I Learned Managing Site Reliability for Some of the World’s Busiest Gambling Sites. A lot of it focussed on runbooks, or checklists, or whatever ...

    26 min read

    All About Unikernels: Part 2, Two Different Approaches, MirageOS and Rumprun

    This blog post is the conclusion of a series. In Part 1 of this blog series about unikernels, I explained what unikernels are, and their role in reducing resource usage within operating systems and ma...

    12 min read

    All About Unikernels: Part 1, What They Are, What They Do, and What’s New

    This blog post is part of a two-part series. In this blog post I’d like to provide an overview of what unikernels are, how they fit in the cloud computing landscape and what projects are driving the t...