Building a Large-Scale, Continuous Delivery Platform: a Case Study

Aug 7, 2019 by Ádám Sándor

About a year ago, we at Container Solutions started our engagement with FiduciaGAD, the largest IT service provider for banks in Germany. The focus of this project is to build a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery platform for development teams across the organisation.

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Docker gets ARMed

Apr 24, 2019 by Adrian Mouat
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A Monolith is a Burning Platform

Feb 25, 2019 by Michelle Gienow

“The vast majority of enterprises we have encountered now using microservices got there by evolving their monolith -- not replacing it.”

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Using Compose to go from Docker to Kubernetes

Feb 6, 2019 by Jérôme Petazzoni

This is a cross post from Jérôme Petazzoni ( We are proud to be promoting Jérôme's upcoming Docker and Kubernetes trainings in Montreal and Quebec City.

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Cloud Native in 2019: A Look Ahead

Jan 14, 2019 by Ian Crosby
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