4 min read

    How to build Docker images with Gradle

    In this blog I will show you how to build Docker images from a Gradle task. A number of Docker plugins have been created for Gradle. I discuss the one from Benjamin Muschko which we use to build the s...

    Pulling from a Private Docker Repository with Marathon

    Suppose you have a private repository on the Docker Hub, then how do you get Marathon to pull from that repository? It's easy if you use Marathon's Artifact Store!

    1 min read

    Things we learned - Proxy problems in Docker 1.5

    One of our clients is a large organization which run its systems behind a proxy. This means the developers have to set environment variables like http_proxy and https_proxy to get many *NIX tools work...

    Continuous Delivery with Docker on Mesos in less than a minute - Part 1

    Docker Compose Except for a few small shortcuts, this post will demonstrate how to start your own functional Continuous Delivery pipeline for a Node.js project in less than one minute.

    5 min read

    Why Use Fig for Docker Automation?

    If you've been using Docker for a little while, but you've not tried out Fig yet, this blog is for you. Like me, you've probably either become used to dealing with long and unwieldy Docker commands us...

    2 min read

    Docker - What Problem Does It Really Solve

    I like Docker. It's easy to use and fast. Simply brilliant. So brilliant that every day we find new possible applications. But what actually is the real problem it solves? Stable environments? Configu...

    3 min read

    Continuous Delivery with Docker and Mesos

    Today and yesterday Pini, Quinten and I were busy with one of our favourite clients here on the Swiss-German border. The problem we were trying to solve was how to continuously deliver an application ...