Setting the Cloud Direction Using Project Methodology Tools

Dec 6, 2018 by Steve Roberts

Successful migration to the cloud is not as simple as a direct “lift and shift” of your existing technology over to the cloud. Without a clear strategic rationale or motivation you may well end up with a more expensive -- and possibly less performant -- service than you started with.

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Container Solutions in Forbes: Ethics and Environment, Amplified

Dec 4, 2018 by Michelle Gienow


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Continuous Strategic Formulation - Balancing Learning and Focus to Succeed with Cloud Native

Nov 27, 2018 by Jamie Dobson

This is part two in series of blogs about strategy. The first part is here.

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Cloud Native Transformation Patterns: Business Case

Nov 21, 2018 by Michelle Gienow

Moving to Cloud Native is a huge undertaking for any enterprise. Why should a company even think about taking the leap, when currently there is no major failure or problem? Traditionally, the safest course has been to avoid change unless or until something is broken, and so most companies have internalized a culture of risk aversion.

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Cloud Native Transformation Patterns: Existential Threat

Nov 16, 2018 by Anne Currie
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