Riding the Tiger: Lessons Learned Implementing Istio

May 29, 2020 by Ian Miell

Recently I (along with a few others much smarter than me) had occasion to implement a ‘real’ production system with Istio, running on a managed cloud-provided Kubernetes service. 

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The Power of Proofs of Concept to Reduce Risk

The transition to Cloud Native can be a complex and daunting endeavor. Choosing the right technologies and integrating them into your organisation is a challenge. More often than not cultural change is just as important to allow your organisation to leverage these new technologies and the speed of delivery resulting from Cloud Native. 

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FluxCD, ArgoCD or Jenkins X: Which Is the Right GitOps Tool for You?

GitOps—the idea to fully manage applications and infrastructure using a Git-based workflow—is gaining a lot of traction recently. Nothing shows it better than a new generation of deployment tools, which treat GitOps as the main organising principle for Continuous Delivery. 

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The Container Solutions Opinionated Guide to Blogging

Apr 28, 2020 by Adrian Mouat

Blogging is one of the central activities at Container Solutions. We try to regularly publish blogs on a variety of topics, from technical pieces to articles on strategy or psychology. Personally, I’ve been blogging for at least a decade and would like to think I’ve learnt a few lessons on what works and what doesn’t. As everything is moving online at the minute, this seems a great chance to share my tips with everyone.

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How We Applied GitOps in a Regulated-Sector Company

Apr 21, 2020 by Brendan Kamp

Working as a consultant in the IT industry, sometimes you get a project that you get very excited about. I recently had this opportunity. At first glance, this company might appear to be a very difficult place for a modern developer/DevOps engineer to work. It’s a large corporation, subject to a lot of regulation and bureaucracy. But it has something special going for it: Its leaders are open to change.

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