Prototyping On-Premises Network Infrastructure for Workloads Running on Kubernetes Clusters: Part 1

Nov 11, 2019 by Piotr Szlenk

One day, you may be tempted to build and maintain an on-premises Kubernetes cluster. Don’t do it. That's my best advice. Instead, take a look at the managed cloud provider options like GKE, AKS, and EKS , which take away a lot of the pain and expense involved in maintaining and updating Kubernetes clusters. However, sometimes legal or business requirements mean that it's essential that your cluster runs on prem.

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What Psychological Safety Means in a Cloud Native Organisation

Nov 6, 2019 by Andrea Dobson-Kock

In its Aristotle project, Google tried to define the success of effective teams. The researchers’ main finding was that what really mattered was less about who is on the team, and more about how the team worked together. Most important in teamwork was the presence of psychological safety.

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A Glossary Of Cloud Native Terms

Nov 4, 2019 by Michelle Gienow

We need to talk.

No, really—one of the hardest parts of wrapping your head around the complexities of CloudNative is getting a handle on all the lingo. Containers, microservices, and orchestration, oh my! When Container Solutions staff meet with clients, we often find that the best place to begin is with a quick Cloud Native 101 to make sure we are all talking about the same things in the same way.

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Istio and Kubernetes: Reducing Risk Through Chaos Engineering

Oct 31, 2019 by Jonathan Gold

When designing your microservice architecture in a Cloud Native system, setting up the Istio service mesh on your Kubernetes cluster(s) can give you more control and observability over network traffic. But, it can also help you break things, which will be the focus of this blog post.

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Why Cloud Native Means You Need to Be a Learning Organisation

Oct 24, 2019 by Andrea Dobson-Kock

Unlike industries of the past that relied upon great stores of resources like coal, iron, timber, or oil for its wealth, the technology industry relies upon the resources in between our ears.

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