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    8 min read

    10 Tips to Write a Kubernetes Operator

    How to Get Started Writing a K8s Operator Operators are the new buzz. There are plenty to choose from. They can help you a lot managing your services and taking care of your cluster. 

    18 min read

    WTF Is Ethical AI? A Primer

    Last night, while revising this article, I was trying to decide how I should introduce this topic. First, there is the question of artificial intelligence (AI) itself. It is an extensive area of resea...

    17 min read

    How to Build Tech You Won’t Regret

    If tech is building the future, do we ever stop to think about what sort of future we’re building? We focus on moving fast, breaking stuff and continuously delivering, but do we take time to consider ...

    Mending a Broken Psychological Contract: Understanding Liars and Ethical Dilemmas at Work

    Jack was delighted when he landed his ‘dream job’ for a large software company. It enabled him to work flexibly around the demands of his young family, with great colleagues, excellent progression and...

    Why Every Tech Company Needs a Psychologist

    The technology workforce is more likely to suffer from mental health issues than the general population is. According to a 2019 survey by Open Sourcing Mental Illness (OSMI), a nonprofit organisation ...

    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Psychological Safety

    I’ve worked at Container Solutions for two years, but I don’t come from a tech background. I went to journalism school and spent many years in newsrooms. It was a fun job, most of the time—you’re surr...

    How To Waste Hundreds of Millions on Your IT Transformation

    You’re a few years into your tenure as CEO of Vandelay Industries, a behemoth in the transpondsting space that’s existed for many decades.

    When Should I Interrupt Someone?

    How many times have you sat there trying to work through a technical problem, and thought:

    What Is the White Male Role in Improving Gender Diversity?

    We all know— or should know by now—that diverse teams and organisations are more successful and creative, have better retention rates, and result in a healthier workplace culture. The data to undersco...