WTF is eBPF? A sneak peek interview with Liz Rice

    WTF is eBPF?  What’s the deal with eBPF? Why has it got our engineers so damn excited?  What does it mean for security? Why are we hosting sessions on it?  And where can you learn more about it? 

    6 min read

    Windows Container on K8s Clusters

    I recently came across a fun and interesting challenge. In the latest project I joined, a team wanted to do a "lift & shift to the cloud". As a Cloud Native engineer I've seen this pattern fairly ...

    How Can Corporate Open Source Consumers Be Better Citizens?

    Cloud Native has become synonymous with open source, partly because organisations such as the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Continuous Delivery Foundation offer a vendor-neutral home for m...

    WTF is Wrong with Open Source Communities?

    If the tech industry has a diversity, equity and inclusion problem, then the open source world has a catastrophe on its hands. While women make up a still shameful 20 to 23% of the tech industry, wome...

    Tutorial: How to Set External-Secrets with AWS

    As you may already have seen, the team at Container Solutions have recently announced The birth of the external secrets community, where multiple people and organizations are joining efforts to create...

    Analyze Then Store? You’re Kidding Right?

    If I bumped into Zuck’s avatar at the virtual water cooler I’d quit on the spot. But the recent name change at Facebook, Microsoft’s enthusiasm, Nvidia’s Omniverse and broader industry support mean we...

    11 min read

    What Has COP26 Ever Done For Us?

    We all learned during the first two weeks of November that coming to an agreement on climate issues is far from easy - everyone has their own opinion on the right and wrong way to go about things.

    Bell SmartCore - Edge Case Study

    Building a Cloud Native edge platform

    Wardley Mapping and Agile at 20: It’s Not One-Size-Fits-All

    Agile turned 20 this year. Yet how many organisations are actually ‘agile’? What is agile, anyway, and does agility even make sense for all stages and ages of business? Now that IT has gone from being...