WTFinar (with transcript): When (If Ever) is Cloud Repatriation the Right Move?

    With a few notable exceptions, the traffic of workload movement over the past decade has moved firmly one way: from the data centre to the cloud.

    Podcast: Jennifer Mace on How Google Does SRE

    Charles Humble talks to Jennifer Mace, aka as Macey. She gives us her definitions of "site reliability engineer" and “toil”, discusses how google recruits SREs, explores how to manage risk and speed, ...

    Ditch the Template: Incident Write-ups They Want to Read

    Why should we try to make incident reports engaging?

    Regulating the Cloud for the Financial Services Sector

    In my White Paper - Banking on the Cloud, written in the summer of 2022, I highlight the increasing direct oversight that regulators are starting to have over the Cloud Service Providers (CSP).

    WTF a Developer Platform is Not

    Goodness, have I read and written a lot about platform engineering so far this year. Platform engineering is the sociotechnical discipline of crafting, building and combining all the common tools need...

    Frictionless Ergonomics: Switching to an Ergonomic Keyboard for Productivity, Comfort, and Wellbeing

    Have you ever felt pain in your hand or arm at the end of a regular day’s work?

    Is it Imperative to be Declarative?

    Recently, in Container Solutions’ engineering Slack channel, a heated argument ensued amongst our engineers after a Pulumi-related story was posted. I won’t recount the hundreds of posts in the thread...

    Software Security Field Guide for the Bewildered

    If you have worked your way in software for a number of years and you’re not a security specialist, you might be occasionally confronted by someone from ‘security’ who generally says ‘no’ to things yo...

    15 min read

    Cloud Repatriation Trends: Where Are We Now?

    A typically controversial post from the CTO of 37signals about moving HEY’s servers out of the cloud has re-ignited the debates around cloud repatriation. To say that ‘opinion is divided’ would be to ...