Ditch the Template: Incident Write-ups They Want to Read

    Why should we try to make incident reports engaging?

    Regulating the Cloud for the Financial Services Sector

    In my White Paper - Banking on the Cloud, written in the summer of 2022, I highlight the increasing direct oversight that regulators are starting to have over the Cloud Service Providers (CSP).

    WTF a Developer Platform is Not

    Goodness, have I read and written a lot about platform engineering so far this year. Platform engineering is the sociotechnical discipline of crafting, building and combining all the common tools need...

    Frictionless Ergonomics: Switching to an Ergonomic Keyboard for Productivity, Comfort, and Wellbeing

    Have you ever felt pain in your hand or arm at the end of a regular day’s work?

    Is it Imperative to be Declarative?

    Recently, in Container Solutions’ engineering Slack channel, a heated argument ensued amongst our engineers after a Pulumi-related story was posted. I won’t recount the hundreds of posts in the thread...

    Software Security Field Guide for the Bewildered

    If you have worked your way in software for a number of years and you’re not a security specialist, you might be occasionally confronted by someone from ‘security’ who generally says ‘no’ to things yo...

    15 min read

    Cloud Repatriation Trends: Where Are We Now?

    A typically controversial post from the CTO of 37signals about moving HEY’s servers out of the cloud has re-ignited the debates around cloud repatriation. To say that ‘opinion is divided’ would be to ...

    6 min read

    Case Study: Cloud Native Finance at CS

    The finance team at CS has recently automated a bunch of repetitive manual work with the aid of some custom Python, Apache Beam, and Google Cloud Functions. But how did we get here?

    Podcast: Syntasso COO Paula Kennedy on Platform Team Responsibilities, Patterns and Anti-patterns

    Charles Humble talks to Paula Kennedy about the rise of platforms. They discuss platform definitions; common anti-patterns and how to guard against them at both a team and organisational level; provin...