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    How To Waste Hundreds of Millions on Your IT Transformation

    You’re a few years into your tenure as CEO of Vandelay Industries, a behemoth in the transpondsting space that’s existed for many decades.

    When Should I Interrupt Someone?

    How many times have you sat there trying to work through a technical problem, and thought:

    What Is the White Male Role in Improving Gender Diversity?

    We all know— or should know by now—that diverse teams and organisations are more successful and creative, have better retention rates, and result in a healthier workplace culture. The data to undersco...

    The Birth of the External Secrets Community

    Managing secrets in Kubernetes can be a cumbersome job. In a multi-service multi-environment setup, you can end up with hundreds of secrets without even noticing. It is hard to keep track of everythin...

    6 min read

    WTF Is Ethical Software Development?

    The US state of Arizona added a new rule for early release from prison, but the computer system that calculates release dates could not incorporate it and was not updated. So hundreds of people have j...

    19 min read

    WTF Does Tech Have to Do With the Planet?

    When thinking about emerging software trends you might think about things like WebAssembly or GraphQL. You might not immediately think about sustainability but, in common with many other industries, t...

    17 min read

    What Can We Learn from the Ofqual Algorithm Debacle?

    If you’re looking for an example of how ostensibly smart people can accidentally mess up other people’s lives, look no farther than the case of last year’s UK public exams.

    13 min read

    Why Your Event Needs a Code of Conduct and You Need to Enforce It

    The Opening Remarks of a conference are a particularly crucial moment. Whether your stage is physical or virtual doesn’t really matter. What matters is setting the right tone, sharing useful pieces of...

    8 min read

    What Working Remotely Taught Me About 1-to-1 Meetings

    Early last year I worked as an engineering manager at the e-commerce department of a large corporate company. My team at that point consisted of 14 people and part of my job was to have regular on-to-...