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    A Psychologist’s Guide to Reconstructing Work for a Virtual Future World

    In a large-scale study of almost 16,000 global leaders conducted by DDI in February 2021, only 1 in 5 rated themselves as effective in leading virtual teams, with the report stating “23% of leaders sa...

    5 min read

    WTF is Cloud Native? Recommended Reading List 2021

    WTF is Cloud Native? was born out of a desire to both share what we’ve learned with the broader Cloud Native community, and provide a platform for others in the community to do the same thing. As we c...

    11 min read

    Is Agility Related to Commitment?

    Previously, I wrote about how a software company’s cultural challenges can be traced back to how money flows through it, using the example of an ‘accidental product’ B2B type of business that tries to...

    #HugOps and Psychological Safety - Think Root Causes Not Root People

    Benjamin Franklin once said “The Only Two Certainties In Life Are Death And Taxes”. But if he was an engineer he’d probably add another to that list, outages. Engineers at Facebook would doubtless agr...

    12 min read

    How to Make Hybrid Meetings Not Suck

    Hybrid meetings are back - and people are enjoying them and finding them useful. That’s the shock finding of new research by Dr Joseph Allen, meeting scientist at the University of Utah.

    18 min read

    Hybrid Remote Work - Think Bridges, Not Destination

    As we pass the mid-point of 2021, many herald hybrid remote work as the future. It’s actually just a transition point on a much longer transformation of work in general. Some will be positive changes ...

    14 min read

    Burning the Backlog and Aligning for Flow

    Alignment and flow. Sounds like a Vinyasa yoga class. What they really are is management trends. But even the word management seems off. Because when you’re managing alignment and flow, you’re intenti...

    If You Want to Transform IT, Start with Finance

    tl;dr – ‘Money Flows Rule Everything Around Me’

    13 min read

    WTF are Dart and Flutter?

    Dart emerged from Google a little after Go, and has recently surged in popularity as the language behind the Flutter cross platform front end framework. This matters to those interested in Cloud Nativ...