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    27 min read

    10 Predictions for the Future of Computing or; the Inane Ramblings of our Chief Scientist

    TLDR; WASM will be everywhere: compile target, deploy target, IoT, plug-in ecosystems. This is already happening! (1-5 years) Rust will continue to grow in popularity and will overtake Go in the next ...

    19 min read

    WTF is Cloud Native Quantum?

    Quantum computing is here, and it’s on the cloud. As someone who loves both quantum computing and the cloud, this makes me very happy. I did a doctorate in quantum computing in the late 1990s. By nece...

    9 min read

    Why I Stopped Using POST and Learned to Love HTTP

    I write lots of services and client apps -- most of them as proof-of-concept or experimental implementations to test out design ideas and/or explore technical details. One of the things I learned earl...

    15 min read

    Is It Time For A More Sustainable Relationship With Tech?

    “When railroading time comes you can railroad—but not before.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

    12 min read

    The Reality of Hybrid Working

    The hybrid model of working sounds ideal, right? Everybody gets to work where they want, when they want. It should increase productivity and happiness at work.

    22 min read

    Enabling Developer Self-Service with Internal Developer Platforms

    A concise overview Even the most advanced organisations struggle to scale their development output when faced with a growing talent shortage. As a result, enterprises and development teams start looki...

    7 min read

    10 Tips to Write a Kubernetes Operator

    How to Get Started Writing a K8s Operator Operators are the new buzz. There are plenty to choose from. They can help you a lot managing your services and taking care of your cluster. 

    17 min read

    WTF Is Ethical AI? A Primer

    Last night, while revising this article, I was trying to decide how I should introduce this topic. First, there is the question of artificial intelligence (AI) itself. It is an extensive area of resea...

    16 min read

    How to Build Tech You Won’t Regret

    If tech is building the future, do we ever stop to think about what sort of future we’re building? We focus on moving fast, breaking stuff and continuously delivering, but do we take time to consider ...