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    Panel: WTF is Next for Developer Experience?

    When you invest in Developer Experience (DevEx), the impact is felt in developer productivity and happiness, and as a result profitability and retention. See why and how DevEx is essential in resourci...

    Podcast: GitHub Director of Engineering, Liz Saling, on Pausing Feature Development to Focus on Tech Debt and DevEx

    Charles Humble talks to Liz Saling, Director of Engineering at GitHub. They discuss the role of developer experience at GitHub, why the firm paused feature development for an entire quarter to focus o...

    How to Design an Internal Developer Platform

    WTF is an IDP?

    #A11y: Accessibility Is Part of the Developer Experience

    The tech industry works hard to break away from monolithic architecture. Yet, we’ve neglected to move away from the idea of the monolithic developer experience.

    Who Should Write the Terraform?

    Working in Cloud Native consulting, I’m often asked about who should do various bits of ‘the platform work’.

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    External Secrets Operator Accepted into the CNCF Sandbox

    The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has announced that External Secrets Operator (ESO), an open-source solution for synchronising secrets from external APIs into Kubernetes, can begin incubat...

    WTF is Developer Experience and Why Does it Matter?

    As an old Java developer, one of the tools that made the biggest difference to me in terms of my day-to-day productivity was something called JRebel. Introduced in 2007, JRebel was an IDE plugin that ...

    How Developer Experience Portal “Backstage” Solved Spotify’s Complexity Problem

    Typically, a Developer Experience (DevEx) practice starts with an individual developer building a tool they find useful in their day-to-day work, and then sharing it with colleagues. As the number of ...

    How Monzo’s Opinionated Platform and Tools Support their Developer Experience

    An interesting aspect of a good Developer Experience (DevEx) is that as more and more features are added to a given language, platform, or tool, it becomes harder and harder to maintain. The ubiquity ...