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    Share the Pain

    In his pamphlet, 'Common Sense', Thomas Paine wrote, 'It is the good fortune of many to live distant from the scene of sorrow'.

    2 min read

    Docker - What Problem Does It Really Solve

    I like Docker. It's easy to use and fast. Simply brilliant. So brilliant that every day we find new possible applications. But what actually is the real problem it solves? Stable environments? Configu...

    2 min read

    There Are & Never Will Be Any Magic Solutions

    I have just left Germany where in 2013 a whopping 25% of its energy was produced from renewable sources. There was nothing magical about this, it seems to me, just a dedication of the people there to ...

    3 min read

    Continuous Delivery with Docker and Mesos

    Today and yesterday Pini, Quinten and I were busy with one of our favourite clients here on the Swiss-German border. The problem we were trying to solve was how to continuously deliver an application ...

    10 min read

    Understanding Volumes in Docker

    This post was updated on 6 Jan 2017 to cover new versions of Docker.

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    Container Solutions Open in Amsterdam, London and Munich

    Press release:

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    Interview with Luke Marsden, CTO at ClusterHQ, creators of Flocker

    In the first part of our new 'Tech Interview' series Container Solution's Mark Coleman talks to Luke Marsden, CTO at ClusterHQ. The interview mainly revolves around flocker, CulsterHQ's open source da...

    4 min read

    Using Promise Theory to Improve Digital Service Quality

    Jeff Sussna - Founder & Principal at Ingeneering.IT

    7 min read

    Docker Code Walkthrough - What Happens During a Docker Run?

    In this blog I will answer the following question: What happens inside Docker during a docker run command?