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    Container Solutions Open in Amsterdam, London and Munich

    Press release:

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    Interview with Luke Marsden, CTO at ClusterHQ, creators of Flocker

    In the first part of our new 'Tech Interview' series Container Solution's Mark Coleman talks to Luke Marsden, CTO at ClusterHQ. The interview mainly revolves around flocker, CulsterHQ's open source da...

    4 min read

    Using Promise Theory to Improve Digital Service Quality

    Jeff Sussna - Founder & Principal at Ingeneering.IT

    7 min read

    Docker Code Walkthrough - What Happens During a Docker Run?

    In this blog I will answer the following question: What happens inside Docker during a docker run command?

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    Collaboration Outside the Tech Silo

    James Stewart - Director of Technical Architecture at UK Government Digital Service

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    It’s 3AM, do you know why you got paged?

    Ryan Frantz - Senior Operations Engineer

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    6 Dockerfile Tips from the Official Images

    Following on from my previous post on the Docker Official Images, in this post I'll go through some tips and techniques for writing Dockerfiles that I learnt from the official images.

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    A Tour of Docker at NL Unix User Group

    Frank Scholten, a Senior Software Engineer at Container Solutions, will give a talk about Docker at the NLUUG - NL Unix User Group - on November 20th.

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    Docker Hack Day Amsterdam

    The Docker community held their second Global Hack Day on October 30th with activities in no less than 30 cities around the world. The goal was to gather the members of the community to brainstorm on ...