Container Solutions Open in Amsterdam, London and Munich

Press release:

Docker specialists now provide strategy, implementation and training services across Western Europe.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, December 5 2014 - Container Solutions, the co-organiser of DockerCon 2014, has now opened offices across three European territories. Since the opening of their Amsterdam headquarters in October this year, the Docker specialists have quickly established a client base around Europe. Additional offices in Munich and London allow them to work more effectively with existing clients while growing carefully.

CEO Jamie Dobson said, “Of course we’re excited about growing, but we’ll do it carefully to keep the quality of our work high. The collaboration we have with our current partners and clients is the most important thing to us right now.” Container Solutions has also recently secured implementation and training partnerships with Docker, and a commercial partnership with Mesosphere. Combined with their experience in technology strategy and management consultancy, they are now able to provide a range of certified services that few other companies in Western Europe are able to offer.

About Container Solutions

Container Solutions is an IT company located in Amsterdam with the mission to provide professional services around Docker containers and other technologies in the infrastructure area. They specialise in helping customers to shorten the time it takes to deploy, rollback, and develop their software applications. Container Solutions do this by having a narrow focus on programmable infrastructure whilst cultivating a wide set of capabilities in leadership, software development and operations.

Jamie Dobson
Tel: 020 260 0302
+31 (0)6 466 27 598

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