4 min read

    Process is an Emergent Property

    "every man lives only this present time, which is an indivisible point, and that all the rest of his life is either past or it is uncertain". - Marcus Aurelius

    5 min read

    The Future is Containerized

    We've seen a lot of critical posts about Docker recently. I don't remember the last time a technology caused so much controversy and heated debate1. In this article I'm not going to address any specif...

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    When people ask me, ‘why Container Solutions?’, I always give the same one word answer: joy. When I was a kid I had a Commodore 64. It had a version of BASIC on it that I used to mess about with. I al...

    2 min read

    A Prerequisite to a Culture of Experimentation

    There are at least two things that spring to mind when thinking about microservices or decomposition in general. The first is that large projects and code bases tend to be full of risks. The more code...

    1 min read

    Introduction to Docker

    We are excited to announce our "Introduction to Docker" training course co-organized with GOTO Academy. The training will help you and your team get up to speed with Docker and understand how to use i...

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    Silicon Canal

    Earlier in the week I tweeted a picture of my office and said something like, ‘the heart of Silicon Canal’. This was not a joke! If you head more or less due south from my place you’ll find Booking.Co...

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    Well, It Worked On My Machine Yesterday!

    Grace Hopper worked on the Mark I with Richard Bloch. He would take care of the machine and Hopper would program it. Late at night Bloch would tinker with the machine, which would cause problems for H...

    2 min read

    Creativity and the Business

    I read something today, in the Huffington Post, that struck a chord with me.

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    Docker and Provenance - Talk to Amsterdam Docker Meetup

    The regular Docker Amsterdam meetup was held on Thursday 26th January at the offices of Schuberg Phillis. There were talks on "Docker and Provenance" by our own Chief Scientist Adrian Mouat, Mike Wess...