1 min read

    Introduction to Docker

    We are excited to announce our "Introduction to Docker" training course co-organized with GOTO Academy. The training will help you and your team get up to speed with Docker and understand how to use i...

    2 min read

    Silicon Canal

    Earlier in the week I tweeted a picture of my office and said something like, ‘the heart of Silicon Canal’. This was not a joke! If you head more or less due south from my place you’ll find Booking.Co...

    1 min read

    Well, It Worked On My Machine Yesterday!

    Grace Hopper worked on the Mark I with Richard Bloch. He would take care of the machine and Hopper would program it. Late at night Bloch would tinker with the machine, which would cause problems for H...

    2 min read

    Creativity and the Business

    I read something today, in the Huffington Post, that struck a chord with me.

    2 min read

    Docker and Provenance - Talk to Amsterdam Docker Meetup

    The regular Docker Amsterdam meetup was held on Thursday 26th January at the offices of Schuberg Phillis. There were talks on "Docker and Provenance" by our own Chief Scientist Adrian Mouat, Mike Wess...

    5 min read

    Docker: The latest Confusion

    One of the most misunderstood parts of Docker seems to be the latest tag. The confusion stems largely from its name, which doesn't really reflect what the tag implies. In this post we'll look at what ...

    5 min read

    Why Use Fig for Docker Automation?

    If you've been using Docker for a little while, but you've not tried out Fig yet, this blog is for you. Like me, you've probably either become used to dealing with long and unwieldy Docker commands us...

    4 min read

    Computation Containers (or let Docker mind your Ps and Qs)

    The software industry is at the beginning of the container revolution. I believe that it won't be long before we are all using containers to a greater or lesser extent everyday, for a wide range of us...

    2 min read

    Docker Events in January

    In January we have three events for all those who are interested in learning more about Docker. These events are for techies and decisions makers.