7 min read

    Is Hashicorp’s Terraform a Transformational “Third-Generation Language (3GL)” for Operators?

    The introduction of third-generation programming languages (3GL) into mainstream software development during the 1950’s was arguably the point of inflexion for the programming industry, and languages ...

    1 min read

    Things we learned - Proxy problems in Docker 1.5

    One of our clients is a large organization which run its systems behind a proxy. This means the developers have to set environment variables like http_proxy and https_proxy to get many *NIX tools work...

    6 min read

    Running Secured Docker Registry 2.0

    The new Docker Registry 2.0 was released on April 16th, 2015. It was completely rewritten in Go with added support for the new Docker Registry HTTP API V2 (thus only working with Docker 1.6+), promisi...

    2 min read


    I’ve been reading a book recently called Strategy: A History. I came across the Prussian General, Carl von Clausewitz, who wrote the following:

    2 min read

    Mesos Terraform Module

    The module that this blog refers to is here: https://github.com/ContainerSolutions/terraform-mesos

    6 min read

    Hosted Docker-Enabled CI Tooling - Show down!

    The goal At Container Solutions we’re currently building a Mesos framework and I was tasked with getting CI up and running. The framework uses Gradle for builds and Docker to build images. We use the ...

    13 min read

    Terraform-Mesos module explained

    In a previous post, we showed you how to set up your own Mesos cluster with Terraform by using our Terraform-Mesos module. In this post we'll be shedding some light on how the module is structured.

    2 min read

    Banks Driving Docker Adoption?

    If you believe yesterday's CNBC article, the reason that Goldman Sachs got involved in Docker's latest funding round is because their developers told them to. The article said the following:

    6 min read

    Running Docker Containers with Systemd

    You can get by running Docker containers with shell scripts, or with Docker Compose (if you don't mind ignoring the "don't use in production" warnings), but for some use cases, it's preferable to take...