Feb 27, 2015 by Jamie Dobson

Two key concepts in games are having a goal and getting quick feedback. These concepts are useful for games, businesses and governments. Posters are a way to gently remind yourself of your mission, your goal, of who you are. But, posters, feedback and goals are not enough. They are all superficial. The most important things are having a team who can resolve conflicts, not having too tight controls on people and basically not allowing.

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Accountability - Whatever

Feb 26, 2015 by Jamie Dobson

It may seem like heresy to some, but at Container Solutions we are not that fond of accountability or transparency.

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How to deploy a web container on a Google powered Mesos cluster

Feb 23, 2015 by Thijs Schnitger

Lately I've been getting my hands dirty deploying applications on Mesos clusters, using Marathon to run Docker containers. I appreciate how it enables you to deploy a wide variety of applications using very little configuration, and seeing your applications scale up and down in a matter of seconds is really neat, but I have had a hard time trying to make an application available to an end user. Hosting your web site on a Mesos cluster, which.

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The Upside of Innovation is Serendipity

Feb 21, 2015 by Jamie Dobson

I cannot for the life of me remember where I heard that ‘innovation is the cost of serendipity’. However, since I heard it, I cannot get it out of my head.

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Process is an Emergent Property

Feb 20, 2015 by Jamie Dobson

"every man lives only this present time, which is an indivisible point, and that all the rest of his life is either past or it is uncertain". - Marcus Aurelius

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