Docker London Meetup Summary (July Edition): Containers in Production

    We’re not short of great technology meetups here in London, and the new Container Solution office based within this great city allows us to easily travel around and learn about the latest happenings! ...

    5 min read

    #DCOSWeek In Review

    Well, today is the end of the DCOSWeek. What happened.

    The Rise of Apache Mesos: Cluster All The Things!!

    The Apache Mesos cluster manager emerged from work out of Twitter and UC Berkeley around 2009. Over the last six years the Mesos project has kept a relatively low profile among mainstream technology p...

    6 min read

    What Does a Manager Do?

    On Tuesday evening, after our DCOS event, we were sat around talking. I said that the problem with good management is that we don't recognise it when we see it. I then argued that CS must be well mana...

    12 min read

    Microservice Deployment Infrastructure Components: London Microservice User Group July Meetup

    I attended the London Microservice User Group (LMSUG) July meetup last week, which focused on deployment infrastructure for microservice-based systems, and there was some great presentations. A lot of...

    Open Containers, Mesosphere’s DCOS and Yaks: Enabling Innovation in the Layers that Matter

    The Docker blog has stated that the Open Container Project (OCP) will enable the container ecosystem to ‘focus on innovation at the layers that matter’. We agree, and we also think the same is true of...

    1 min read


    This week is DCOS week! We will be releasing content every day this week about Mesosphere's DCOS and things related to it and its adoption. We will be using the hashtag, #DCOSWeek.

    6 min read

    Set the ip of the Docker bridge with Systemd

    Whenever you connect to a network you don't control, you will have to work with whatever network address you're offered. Sometimes you find yourself stuck on a network where the subnet addressing inte...

    7 min read

    The Seven Deadly Sins of Microservices: Redux

    Quite a few of our clients are looking at microservices, and a popular question we often get asked is "what's the biggest mistake you see with microservices?". We've seen plenty of good things with th...