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    This week is DCOS week! We will be releasing content every day this week about Mesosphere's DCOS and things related to it and its adoption. We will be using the hashtag, #DCOSWeek.

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    Set the ip of the Docker bridge with Systemd

    Whenever you connect to a network you don't control, you will have to work with whatever network address you're offered. Sometimes you find yourself stuck on a network where the subnet addressing inte...

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    The Seven Deadly Sins of Microservices: Redux

    Quite a few of our clients are looking at microservices, and a popular question we often get asked is "what's the biggest mistake you see with microservices?". We've seen plenty of good things with th...

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    How Protocol Buffers are Used in Mesos Framework Development

    In this blog I will discuss the role of protocol buffers in Mesos framework development. Protocol buffers are used extensively for messaging and serialization inside Mesos and when developing Mesos fr...

    Proximate Goals

    Ironic Goals We often meet customers, and partners, who have amazingly lofty ambitions. They would, for example, like to become the ‘Google of the Finance Sector’ or the ‘Netflix of the Netherlands’. ...

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    Dynamic Zookeeper Cluster with Docker

    A while ago I came across a nice feature in Zookeeper, namely the ability to dynamically reconfigure a cluster. That means adding and removing nodes on the fly, something we've been looking for in our...

    Docker announces first plugins - Weave and Flocker

    Only few would argue that Docker is not responsible for the drastic change that is happening now in the way we build, deploy and maintain our software. Popularized by Docker, containers allow us to re...

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    Is Docker Safe for Production?

    This blog was written by Adrian before he got on a plane back home. I said I'd post it for him. Enjoy.

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    Docker Security – Admin Controls

    This is a guest post by Amir Jerbi who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Scalock, a container security startup located in Tel-Aviv. Prior to funding Scalock, Amir worked as a staff engineer at CA Technolog...