Running Docker Containers with Systemd

Apr 13, 2015 by Adrian Mouat

You can get by running Docker containers with shell scripts, or with Docker Compose (if you don't mind ignoring the "don't use in production" warnings), but for some use cases, it's preferable to take advantage of the host init system/process manager. It seems that every major distro is moving to systemd these days, so that's what I'll look at in this post.

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Agility, Configuration Drift and Docker

Apr 11, 2015 by Jamie Dobson

Once you eliminate your number one problem, number two gets a promotion. Rudy’s Rutabaga Rule, Jerry Weinberg

This week I've been thinking about agility and configuration drift, and of course how the two relate to each other.

Let’s start with my definitions, so we don't get into a kerfuffle.

  • Agility. The ability to move quickly and easily. In technology this is to do with being able to add a dependency, or take one away, for example,.
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Interview with Kelsey Hightower, Developer and Advocate at CoreOS

Apr 8, 2015 by Kaisa Kuusik
In the third part of our ‘Tech Interview’ series Container Solution’s Mark Coleman talks to Kelsey Hightower, Developer and Advocate at CoreOS. You can see the previous interview here.
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How to set up Mesos on Google Cloud with Terraform

Apr 3, 2015 by Jaroslav Holub

Imagine a world where you describe an auto-scalable, fault-tolerant computer cluster in a simple declarative language. Then imagine that you can create the cluster with a single command. You can change the setup and apply it to the cluster with just another command. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? But what does it really involve to set up a computer cluster these days? Let's say a cluster based on Mesos, a distributed systems kernel. It can be.

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Container Solutions Introduces Rocker

Apr 1, 2015 by Jamie Dobson

Container Solutions is proud to release today its own container technology, Rocker. Rocker is an amalgamation of ideas and sources from both the Docker and Rocket projects.

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