Mesos Usability - A Developer's Perspective

    We use Mesos a lot. Developing with Mesos is a full time job for a large proportion of Container Solutions. From the perspective of a production user, the abstraction of physical hardware into resourc...

    1 min read

    Interview with Ken Owens - CTO @ CiscoCloud - Mantl, Shipped, AppIntent and Cloud Native

    In this interview Mark Coleman got to ask Ken Owens from CiscoCloud a few questions about their intentions for 2016 ahead of CiscoLive Berlin. The conversation covers Mantl, Shipped, AppIntent and the...

    Rescheduling containers on node failures with Docker Swarm 1.1

    Docker 1.10 came out a few days ago and brought with it Swarm 1.1.0. The most notable (still experimental) feature in this release is the native rescheduling of containers on failures of individual Sw...

    4 min read

    Innovation and the Fear of Loss

    In England we say that as you get older you become politically more Conservative. Winston Churchill said “If you’re not left wing when you’re 17, you’ve got no heart. If you’re not right wing by the t...

    6 min read

    The Adjacent Possibility

    Yesterday a Git user called David (dvonthenen) created a pull request that added external volumes to our ELK framework. This seems like an extremely valuable addition to our work. As David says in the...

    12 min read

    Security Challenges in Microservice Implementations

    3 min read

    minimesos 0.5.0 - Mac OS X support

    We are cohosting the Gopher Gala 2016

    It's official. We're pleased to announce we are going to be co-hosting the Gopher Gala 2016.

    8 min read

    Using binpack with Docker Swarm

    Docker Swarm - Docker's native clustering solution - ships with two main scheduling strategies, spread and binpack. The spread strategy will attempt to spread containers evenly across hosts, whereas t...