4 min read

    The state and future of Mesos-starter

    A couple of months ago we, at Container Solutions, released something that we thought was quite exciting, Mesos-starter. A library that will help us drastically reduce code repetition in our Mesos fra...

    6 min read

    Minimesos gets a REST API - finding the lightest Java web framework

    We started work with Frank on what is probably the most important new feature of minimesos in recent months - a REST API that gives easy access to minimesos from any language. Minimesos is a testing f...

    5 min read

    The Space Beyond - Our Culture

    People who come to work at Container Solutions don’t necessarily come for the technologies we use, although they are cool, but rather because of our culture. So what is our culture?

    minimesos 0.9.0 - new cli commands, Marathon tokens and Mesos workshop

    Last week we released minimesos 0.9.0. You can install it using the usual installer command: curl -sSL https://minimesos.org/install | sh. The Docker images are available on Docker Hub and the jar is ...

    It Orchestrated On My Machine - ContainerPilot and Minimesos for Travelling Orchestration

    I am just back from ContainerSummit where I was working with Casey Bisson from Joyent. We got talking about how things can work on one machine but not on another, say, in production. This is known as ...

    17 min read

    Self-Organizing Microservices - Evaluating ContainerPilot on Mantl

    Recently I became interested in ContainerPilot - the idea of “self-aware and self-operating” containers promoted by Joyent. I decided to perform a few experiments to see how it behaves on top of Cisco...

    10 min read

    Moving minimesos CI from Jenkins to Travis

    What would the process of updating the code and continuous integration environment look like in an ideal world?

    7 min read

    Automated branding with the logo generator

    Automated branding At Container Solutions, we've been building Mesos Frameworks. All our frameworks can be found at mesosframeworks.com.

    Service discovery in minimesos using Consul

    At Container Solutions, we’ve been working hard on minimesos, our testing infrastructure for Mesos frameworks. To make it easier for frameworks to find their components, and for the Mesos master and a...