Linux System Programming course

At Container Solutions, we are a learning organisation. We're always digging deeper into the issues at hand, asking questions not only about how something should be solved but also what the underlying need is. This often leads to more interesting and satisfying results. Improving our skills, going for at least 1% improvement per day and challenging each other is what we're all about.

We're experts in running containers, most are certified Docker trainers. But what makes a container tick? What does LXC do exactly and in what way? Which problem is Docker solving and how does it go about doing that?

In order to get these questions answered, we've requested the help of Michael Kerrisk. The entire Container Solutions crew is now enjoying a 5-day Linux System Programming course, finding out everything about system calls, the Linux API, POSIX, and much, much more.

Linux System Programming course

So far, we've learned about File I/O, attributes and how they are related to inodes, using strace, and we've completed a number of programming exercises in C. The days are packed with learning.

There are still four days left, in which we'll handle processes and process life cycles, signals, shared libraries and more. I'm especially looking forward to the segments about namespaces, capabilities and seccomp. It's great to be able to ask any questions we have to an actual expert.code { font-family: monospace; }

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