Remmelt Pit

    7 min read

    Automated branding with the logo generator

    Automated branding At Container Solutions, we've been building Mesos Frameworks. All our frameworks can be found at

    Service discovery in minimesos using Consul

    At Container Solutions, we’ve been working hard on minimesos, our testing infrastructure for Mesos frameworks. To make it easier for frameworks to find their components, and for the Mesos master and a...

    The Wheel of Fortune

    Wheel of fortune This is the story of how we came to bring a wheel of fortune to DockerConEU 2015!

    2 min read

    Linux System Programming course

    At Container Solutions, we are a learning organisation. We're always digging deeper into the issues at hand, asking questions not only about how something should be solved but also what the underlying...

    Trying out Kubernetes

    In this post I'll describe what the steps are to achieve a simple way to get Kubernetes running. A single node Kubernetes setup can be convenient for kicking the tires, testing and local development.