15 min read

    Cloud Repatriation Trends: Where Are We Now?

    A typically controversial post from the CTO of 37signals about moving HEY’s servers out of the cloud has re-ignited the debates around cloud repatriation. To say that ‘opinion is divided’ would be to ...

    6 min read

    Case Study: Cloud Native Finance at CS

    The finance team at CS has recently automated a bunch of repetitive manual work with the aid of some custom Python, Apache Beam, and Google Cloud Functions. But how did we get here?

    Podcast: Syntasso COO Paula Kennedy on Platform Team Responsibilities, Patterns and Anti-patterns

    Charles Humble talks to Paula Kennedy about the rise of platforms.  They discuss platform definitions; common anti-patterns and how to guard against them at both a team and organisational level; provi...

    Frictionless Security: Balancing Infosec and DevEx

    The balance between Information Security (Infosec) and a good Developer Experience (DevEx) is a crucial aspect of modern-day businesses. Whilst Infosec is crucial for the protection of sensitive data ...

    Observability Culture: How to Gain Understanding Across the Organisation

    I’ve spent the last three years at cinch establishing a culture of observability, but what does that mean? 

    Dashbored: Stop Looking at the Same Tired Data

    Dashboards are everywhere. Every service needs a dashboard, every team uses at least one dashboard. We have high-level dashboards, low-level dashboards, platform dashboards, infrastructure dashboards,...

    Do Not Negotiate Quality

    I should say before we start that I’m aware that, rather sadly, “Clean Coder” Bob Martin has become rather a problematic figure in our industry. It also pains me to write about the importance of well-...

    Why Your Desk is the Worst Place to Work, and Other Life Lessons from a Lazy Developer

    We all know—in theory, at least—that the best debugging tool is a good night’s sleep. The second best debugging tool is a good shower. The third best debugging tool is a gentle run. 

    Practical Strategies for Implementing DevSecOps in Large Enterprises

    At Container Solutions, we often work with large enterprises who are at various different stages of adopting cloud technologies. These companies are typically keen to adopt modern Cloud Native softwar...