Ian Miell

    Ian Miell
    Ian Miell is a Partner at Container Solutions.
    6 min read

    Cloud Cost Management Part II - Quick Wins

    In the previous post we outlined and defined the three categories of cost management:

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    Introducing the Open Source Compliance Framework

    8 min read

    Learn jq the Hard Way,Part IV: Pipes

    Introducing the KATE Stack

    At Container Solutions, one of our ‘bread and butter’ engagements is to help a software infrastructure team move from more traditional software delivery paradigms to Cloud Native ones.

    11 min read

    Learn JQ the Hard Way, Part III - Filters

    Other Posts Part I Part II Simple Filters In this section we introduce the most-frequently used feature of jq: the filter. Filters allow you to reduce a given stream of JSON to another smaller, more r...

    7 min read

    Cloud Cost Management Part I - Orientation

    As Cloud Native consultants, we often get asked about managing cloud costs. The business that doesn’t ever want to save money is a rare one indeed. However, what we have found is that in the Zero Inte...

    6 min read

    Learn jq the Hard Way, Part II: The jq Command

    Introduction See Part I to get an introduction to this series, and a guide on the Hard Way method. In this post, we cover: What jq is Look at examples of it Introduce key terms Briefly look at its pla...

    9 min read

    Under Control: Why Governance Engineering is Coming to Cloud Native

    The history (and prehistory) of Cloud Native has been characterised by the gradual encroachment of automation on more and more pieces of the software engineering lifecycle. In the dark ages before the...

    14 min read

    Learn jq the Hard Way, Part I: JSON

    Introduction At Container Solutions, we spend a significant amount of engineering time wrangling JSON requests and responses to and from various APIs. While traditional text-processing tools such as g...