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    An argument against REST in microservices

    Rest has become a widely accepted standard for API’s. There are a few reasons for this, it is easy to follow, works very much like a web browser does, and as such uses common tools to digest the servi...

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    Testing the microservices. Our approach to API testing.

    Testing microservices versus testing monoliths There are numerous advantages of using microservices over the monolithic application structure.

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    Review of Habitat.sh

    In the announcement video, Adam Jacobs, the CTO and co-founder of Chef, claims that for companies who want to move towards a devops organization, everything depends on how people in an organization wo...

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    Brexit and Innovation

    This article first appeared on DevopsOnline.

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    All Hail the New Docker Swarm

    Unfortunately, I'm not able to attend DockerCon US this year, but I will be keeping up with the announcements. As part of the Docker Captains program, I was given a preview of Docker 1.12 including th...

    A step towards the future of configuration and infrastructure management with Nix

    Recently, I’ve been experimenting with the Nix ecosystem. It offers an interesting and more integrated alternative than traditional configuration and infrastructure management systems such as Puppet, ...

    minimesos 0.9.0 - new cli commands, Marathon tokens and Mesos workshop

    Last week we released minimesos 0.9.0. You can install it using the usual installer command: curl -sSL https://minimesos.org/install | sh. The Docker images are available on Docker Hub and the jar is ...

    It Orchestrated On My Machine - ContainerPilot and Minimesos for Travelling Orchestration

    I am just back from ContainerSummit where I was working with Casey Bisson from Joyent. We got talking about how things can work on one machine but not on another, say, in production. This is known as ...

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    Automated branding with the logo generator

    Automated branding At Container Solutions, we've been building Mesos Frameworks. All our frameworks can be found at mesosframeworks.com.