Surprise at Golang Thread Scheduling

    A few days ago I had a problem with high CPU usage in one of my Go-based microservices. The microservice has evolved into two distinct components: a HTTP web-app and a batch processing service. At som...

    3 min read

    Multi-arch Docker Images

    Although the promise of Docker is the elimination of differences when moving software between environments, you'll still face the problem that you can't cross platform boundaries, i.e. you can't run a...

    4 min read

    Running a Secure Registry on Kubernetes

    Once your shiny new Kubernetes cluster is up-and-running, one of the first things you'll want to add is a local registry for storing private images. This is typically achieved using the official Kuber...

    3 min read

    Adding Self-signed Registry Certs to Docker & Docker for Mac

    The Docker registry image has over 10 million pulls on Docker Hub, so it's safe to say that a lot of people out there are making use of it. When running a registry, it's essential to make sure your cl...

    13 min read

    An Introduction to stream processing systems: Kafka, AWS Kinesis and Azure Event Hubs

    Stream Processing Systems are one of the most powerful tools you can include in a microservice infrastructure, but from conversations I have had, many developers adopting microservices have not really...

    The .NET experience with microservices (.NET Core/Docker/Kubernetes/WeaveNet/Azure)

    The .NET experience with microservices (.NET Core/Docker/Kubernetes/WeaveNet/Azure)

    Continuous Integration of deployment of micro-services to different platforms

    In this blog post, I describe how we created DeployDocs to improve the continuous integration of the micro-services in the Socks Shop and the platforms it can be deployed to.

    5 min read

    Running Kontena in the Google Cloud

    In this blog post we'll set up Kontena on top of CoreOS on GCE. In the previous blog, I described Kontena's architecture.

    5 min read

    Kontena: an alternative container orchestrator

    Some weeks ago, I encountered Kontena. It is an open source project for containerized application orchestration, that does things a little different compared to the currently big players, such as Kube...