6 min read

    Kubernetes Comes to ImageWolf

    ImageWolf now has support for Kubernetes! We even made a video (see below). If you want to see the code though, you can find it in its normal place.

    11 min read

    Lean Go Containers with Multi-Stage Dockerfiles

    On June 28 Docker 17.06 CE was released, which among other improvements adds support for multi-stage image builds. While traditional docker builds had to use a single container for their work and outp...

    1 min read

    Lightning Image Deployment with ImageWolf

    Modern web developers can push to staging or production multiple times a day. Each time this happens, there is a delay while images are distributed to the nodes, especially if the images need to be pu...

    11 min read

    Going Cloud Native - Where to Even Start?

    Microservices - Thinking Outside the Lines

    In our last few posts we’ve talked about two of the architectural and operational weapons of Cloud Native: containers & dynamic management. However, when I go out and talk to Cloud Native users I ...

    Is Dynamic Management the Real Ops Disruptor?

    Are Containers the Best Cloud Native Tool?

    Earlier in this blog series we described how every strategy comprises a goal and the actions we take or tools we use to accomplish it. We’re now going to consider some of the tools that Cloud Native u...

    5 min read

    A High Available Redis cluster on top of Kubernetes and Habitat

    In the last two months, I've worked together with Chef to evaluate Habitat from a cloud native developer perspective. This is the last blog in a series of three where I'll share my experiences. The fi...

    What is a Cloud Native Strategy?

    In the last two blogs on this subject we talked about Cloud Native computing and about strategy. In this blog, we'll put the two together and consider Cloud Native Strategy - what it means and how to ...