Proximate Goals

Jun 24, 2015 by Jamie Dobson

Ironic Goals We often meet customers, and partners, who have amazingly lofty ambitions. They would, for example, like to become the ‘Google of the Finance Sector’ or the ‘Netflix of the Netherlands’. We love these goals, and their ambition, but what we see is that they often become ‘ironic’. A goal that is way beyond the capabilities of an organisation induces such terror that it actually causes them to move away from the goal. There’s a lot.

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HolidayCheck chose Container Solutions

Oct 28, 2014 by Melanie Bobbink

HolidayCheck reached out to Container Solutions because they wanted help implementing Docker. They wanted to use Docker so they could more easily move their applications from developer machines through to production. In addition to this, they wanted to harmonise their development, test and production servers.

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