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    Brexit and Innovation

    This article first appeared on DevopsOnline.

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    Self-Organizing Microservices - Evaluating ContainerPilot on Mantl

    Recently I became interested in ContainerPilot - the idea of “self-aware and self-operating” containers promoted by Joyent. I decided to perform a few experiments to see how it behaves on top of Cisco...

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    The Adjacent Possibility

    Yesterday a Git user called David (dvonthenen) created a pull request that added external volumes to our ELK framework. This seems like an extremely valuable addition to our work. As David says in the...

    Monitoring Performance in Microservice Architectures

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    Docker London Meetup Summary (July Edition): Containers in Production

    We’re not short of great technology meetups here in London, and the new Container Solution office based within this great city allows us to easily travel around and learn about the latest happenings! ...

    Open Containers, Mesosphere’s DCOS and Yaks: Enabling Innovation in the Layers that Matter

    The Docker blog has stated that the Open Container Project (OCP) will enable the container ecosystem to ‘focus on innovation at the layers that matter’. We agree, and we also think the same is true of...

    Proximate Goals

    Ironic Goals We often meet customers, and partners, who have amazingly lofty ambitions. They would, for example, like to become the ‘Google of the Finance Sector’ or the ‘Netflix of the Netherlands’. ...

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    HolidayCheck chose Container Solutions

    HolidayCheck reached out to Container Solutions because they wanted help implementing Docker. They wanted to use Docker so they could more easily move their applications from developer machines throug...