My Journey: Blazing a Trail

Apr 19, 2018 by Lian Li

“Container Solutions is the greatest group of allies I’ve met so far. They’re not just interested in the label; they understand what diversity is really about.”

--- Lian Li, aka Captain Electric

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What is Eventual Consistency And Why Is It So Cool?

Apr 11, 2018 by Anne Currie
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My Journey: Exploring the Cloud

Apr 5, 2018 by Riccardo Cefala

“You’ve got to have a balance between theory, design and making stuff happen.”

--- Riccardo M. Cefala, aka Captain Keepin’ Cool: CS Cloud Native Engineer

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My Journey: From Engineer to Founder

Mar 28, 2018 by Ian Crosby

“The stuff that I used to play with in my free time is now what I do day to day.”

--- Ian Crosby, aka Captain Canada: Container Solutions Engineer

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QCon London And Tech Ethics in Action

Feb 28, 2018 by Anne Currie

My interest at the moment is in web scale and its ramifications. I'm interested in the way current tools, especially IaaS, CI/CD and microservices are vastly increasing the velocity at which new products and features get to market (500-1000x) and the speed at which they can be scaled. I'm particularly fascinated by the ramifications of this fast progress, and whether we are de-risking product development at the expense of increased cultural.

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