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What Does a Good Career in Tech (or Anything Else) Look Like?

Feb 8, 2019 by Anne Currie
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Contributing to Kubernetes: Open-Source Citizenship

Feb 4, 2019 by Jonathan Gold

I’ve been using Kubernetes for a while now and decided it was time to be a responsible open-source citizen, and contribute some code. So I started combing their issue tracker, looking for a relatively small and straight-forward patch that I could cut my teeth on. If you're also thinking of contributing to Kubernetes, I hope you can learn something from my experience.

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An experiment in diversity and inclusion

Jan 23, 2019 by Lian Li

Let's face it: the tech industry is not the most diverse. This is particularly true when it comes to engineering in general, and even more so in the operations community (i.e. Ops, DevOps, Infrastructure, etc.).

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Container Solutions in Forbes: Ethics and Environment, Amplified

Dec 4, 2018 by Michelle Gienow


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Continuous Strategic Formulation - Balancing Learning and Focus to Succeed with Cloud Native

Nov 27, 2018 by Jamie Dobson

This is part two in series of blogs about strategy. The first part is here.

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