Container Solutions expands to Canada

Sep 14, 2018 by Ian Crosby

At Container Solutions, we specialize in cloud native strategy and technologies. What that means practically is that on a day to day basis our engineers and consultants are working with organizations to assist them with cloud native transformations. From analyzing and understanding their current state to building a roadmap, architecture, and strategy, to implementing proper cloud native practices.

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Cloud Native Transformation Patterns: Executive Commitment

Sep 14, 2018 by Pini Reznik

This post follows on from our first post on Cloud Native Transformation Patterns: Introduction.

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The Cloud Native Engineer Role

Aug 17, 2018 by Catalin Jora

Cloud computing changed the required skills for software engineers and system administrators. IT departments that didn’t continuously researched and adopted new technologies are usually caught off-guard when they decide to “move to the cloud”. A cloud native IT department requires new skills as the software they have will need refactoring and repackaging to run and take advantage of the new environment, the cloud. About those skills and.

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Tech Ethics - What Should We Do?

Jul 30, 2018 by Anne Currie

In 2018, StackOverflow's annual survey asked developers if they'd feel ultimately responsible for the unethical use of code they wrote. 80% said no.

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A Week of the Life of Container Solutions... In Tweets

Jun 1, 2018 by Jamie Dobson

For those of you who would like to work at Container Solutions, we figured it might be nice to give you a rundown on what a week looks like.

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