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    An experiment in diversity and inclusion

    Let's face it: the tech industry is not the most diverse. This is particularly true when it comes to engineering in general, and even more so in the operations community (i.e. Ops, DevOps, Infrastruct...

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    Container Solutions in Forbes: Ethics and Environment, Amplified


    Continuous Strategic Formulation - Balancing Learning and Focus to Succeed with Cloud Native

    This is part two in series of blogs about strategy. The first part is here.

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    Cloud Native Transformation Patterns: Business Case

    Moving to Cloud Native is a huge undertaking for any enterprise. Why should a company even think about taking the leap, when currently there is no major failure or problem? Traditionally, the safest c...

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    Cloud Native Transformation Patterns: Existential Threat

    Why All This Talk About Continuous Strategic Formulation? Don't You Do Kubernetes?

    We don’t only do Kubernetes, even though we are one of the only firms in the world to be both certified service providers and trainers. What we actually do is build large scale distributed systems and...

    High Risk is the New Low Risk

      This article is the collaborative work of Pini Reznik, Anne Currie and Michelle Gienow Most enterprises seeking to go Cloud Native these days cite velocity as their primary motive. Indeed, being abl...

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    Cloud Native Transformation Patterns: Automated Infrastructure

    Got automation? If your enterprise is going Cloud Native, automation is a core requirement. The Automated Infrastructure pattern leads the way to this major step in the CN migration process.

    Cloud Native Transformation Patterns: Modular Architecture

    This post appears as part of a series of Cloud Native Transformation Patterns, which begins  with Cloud Native Transformation Patterns: Introduction. These are condensed versions of the full patterns ...