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Container Solutions expands to Canada

At Container Solutions, we specialize in cloud native strategy and technologies. What that means practically is that on a day to day basis our engineers and consultants are working with organizations to assist them with cloud native transformations. From analyzing and understanding their current state to building a roadmap, architecture, and strategy, to implementing proper cloud native practices.

We have been doing this for the past four years, focused primarily within Europe. Working remotely has become increasingly easier, especially in the tech industry. At Container Solutions we also do a large part of our work remotely, while engaging with clients across Europe, our engineers often work from our offices in Amsterdam, London or Berlin.

However, we have found there is a crucial part of our work which necessitates face to face interaction. As we embark on a cloud native transformation with an organization it is essential to meet, discuss, and work together in the same physical location for anywhere from a day to a few weeks. During this period we work with clients to understand their current cloud native maturity as well as their ideal future state and the business goals which are driving them there. This type of analysis, discussions and workshops can not efficiently be done remotely.

As a result, it has proven challenging to work with companies outside of Europe. The time difference and physical distance proves challenging to building the strong relationship required for large important projects such as a full cloud native transformation.

We are now happy to announce the opening of our first North American office, located in Montreal, Canada. With a presence in North America, we can now fully support our existing clients which are distributed across continents as well as new clients located both in Canada and the US.

We are excited to join the local cloud native community, you will be able to find us at meetups and tech events of all sorts both in and around Montreal and Toronto. We are also proud to be gold sponsors of the upcoming DevOps Days Montreal conference.

As we expand to new geographies we hope to continue to spread our expertise of cloud native technologies and processes. While at the same time learning from these new engagements to continually improve our own services.

Finally, Container Solutions is a federated business, with a core set of values and shared services, such as branding and financial control. Our model allows for global similarities with local identities, which is why our English, German and Dutch offices are all very much CS whilst being distinctly themselves. The great challenge for me is that I get to shape my own identity in Canada whilst plugging into the wider network.

For those wanting to join me on this adventure, drop me a line. Container Solutions Canada is hiring. Click below or more information.


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