Jamie Dobson

    Jamie Dobson
    Jamie Dobson is co-founder and chief executive officer at Container Solutions.

    Continuous Strategic Formulation - Balancing Learning and Focus to Succeed with Cloud Native

    This is part two in series of blogs about strategy. The first part is here.

    Why All This Talk About Continuous Strategic Formulation? Don't You Do Kubernetes?

    We don’t only do Kubernetes, even though we are one of the only firms in the world to be both certified service providers and trainers. What we actually do is build large scale distributed systems and...

    13 min read

    A Week of the Life of Container Solutions... In Tweets

    For those of you who would like to work at Container Solutions, we figured it might be nice to give you a rundown on what a week looks like.

    6 min read

    Container Solutions Becomes a founding member of the Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP) Program

    Today, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced the Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP) program. The KTP is an extension of the Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) program that in...

    6 min read

    Where Do We Play and What Do Our Customers Value?

    ‘Container Solutions’ may, depending on your perspective, may be a misnomer. If you peel back the lid on our company, you see that we work at the intersection of containers, cloud infrastructure and r...

    11 min read

    The Structure of Day 2 Problems

    Companies who adopt Cloud Native technologies and principles sooner or later (often sooner) bump into Day 2 problems. This is not because the tooling is bad but rather the opposite - the tooling is ex...

    How Retailers Use Cloud Native Technologies to Capitalise on Existing Physical Assets

    Most forward-thinking retailers have an ecommerce side to their business. Offering products for sale online opens up their business to new target markets, extends their reach, increases their revenue ...

    The Seven Elements of Strategy (Which You'll Need To Know If You Are Creating a Cloud Native Strategy)

    In the first post in this series, my colleague Anne Currie said that cloud native was about speed, scale and costs. We discovered that cloud native helps you get your ideas to market quickly; that clo...

    2 min read

    Anne Currie Teams Up With Container Solutions

    LONDON — 21 March 2017 — Anne Currie and Container Solutions to join forces to further their aim of helping SMEs and Enterprises reap the benefits of Cloud Native.