Jamie Dobson

    Jamie Dobson
    Jamie Dobson is co-founder and chief executive officer at Container Solutions.
    6 min read

    Is Docker Safe for Production?

    This blog was written by Adrian before he got on a plane back home. I said I'd post it for him. Enjoy.

    7 min read

    Secret Sprawl & the Challenges of Modern Enterprise Security

    Here is the fourth blog of #securityweek. This time it's from Hashicorp's Kevin Fishner. Enjoy!

    1 min read

    Docker Security Cheat Sheet

    The accompanying blog, that forms the notes for this cheat sheet, can be read here.

    7 min read

    Weave Net Cryptography Faq

    This is our third installment for #securityweek from Adam Harrison from Weave. Enjoy.

    1 min read

    Security Week

    Next week, Adrian will be speaking at GOTO; Amsterdam about 'Using Docker Safely'.

    9 min read

    What is Strategy?

    Yesterday, I was put on the spot by Pini and Jaroslav. I’ve been reading about strategy, and since I am the CEO of a company I am supposed to know about things like strategy and leadership, but when p...

    7 min read

    Culture - The Great Hiding Place

    Ideas that threaten to interrupt existing power structures, such as a move to DevOps or the introduction of container technology, nearly always lead to resistance. An oversimplified and often exaggera...

    3 min read

    It Ain't What You Do, It's The Way That You Do It

    Why are developers and operations people so different? There is a theory in psychology called ‘regulatory focus theory’. This theory states that when a person pursues a goal, they’ll do so in a way th...

    4 min read

    What the F**k is a Microservice? A Reading List for the Perplexed

    Nobody knows what a microservice is because the term is not defined. Or at least, it is defined but it's defined differently by different people and always in vague terms like ‘small’ and ‘independent...