Jamie Dobson

    Jamie Dobson
    Jamie Dobson is co-founder and chief executive officer at Container Solutions.
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    I’ve been reading a book recently called Strategy: A History. I came across the Prussian General, Carl von Clausewitz, who wrote the following:

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    Mesos Terraform Module

    The module that this blog refers to is here: https://github.com/ContainerSolutions/terraform-mesos

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    Banks Driving Docker Adoption?

    If you believe yesterday's CNBC article, the reason that Goldman Sachs got involved in Docker's latest funding round is because their developers told them to. The article said the following:

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    Agility, Configuration Drift and Docker

    Once you eliminate your number one problem, number two gets a promotion. Rudy’s Rutabaga Rule, Jerry Weinberg This week I've been thinking about agility and configuration drift, and of course how the ...

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    Container Solutions Introduces Rocker

    Container Solutions is proud to release today its own container technology, Rocker. Rocker is an amalgamation of ideas and sources from both the Docker and Rocket projects.

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    I am Going to Challenge That

    I’ve had a funny day today. I am a bit sick and so was pottering around. I picked up a book from the shelf by Joan Freeman called How to Raise a Bright Child. This paragraph got me thinking.

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    How Docker Compose Helps When Building a Web-Application

    All the code from this blog can be found here: https://github.com/ContainerSolutions/toolset.git

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    Are Good Engineers by Definition Good Leaders?

    I often say to both my team at Container Solutions and my customers that we ‘need leaders at every level’. My definition of leadership is this: if a person acts in a way that reduces fear and increase...

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    Two key concepts in games are having a goal and getting quick feedback. These concepts are useful for games, businesses and governments. Posters are a way to gently remind yourself of your mission, yo...