Container Solutions Introduces Rocker

Container Solutions Introduces Rocker - Rocker logo

Container Solutions is proud to release today its own container technology, Rocker. Rocker is an amalgamation of ideas and sources from both the Docker and Rocket projects.

Container Solutions' Pini Reznik said this,

Container technology is currently very popular amongst innovators and early adopters. This is not the market that Rocker is aimed at. We have many customers both in the financial services sector and travel industries that rely heavily on IBM’s z/OS, many of whom use COBOL. The question they ask is, ‘where is our solution for containerised architectures?’ It really is these laggards and late majority that Container Solutions are trying to help.

In the coming weeks, Container Solutions will be launching its certification program. Container Solutions’ Chief Rocker, Thijs Schnitger, says this,

If you look at the market place right now, you see that the mainstream container technologies are well adopted by software developers - that is people with short beards, which are often trimmed neatly and even conditioned with hair-care products. This is not what Rocker is about and this will be reflected in the Rocker certification course. In the course participants will be judged as much on their ability to cope with bureaucracy and their beard length and scragginess as they will be their on their skills with Rocker.

Rocker is released under a strict commercial licence and is available by sending a postal order for $99.99 to Container Solutions or by filling in the postcard currently being circulated within trade publications. Rocker is delivered on five five-inch floppy disks.

What’s Next for Container Solutions?
Next month we’ll be launching our BASIC port of Mesos for Commodore 64 clusters - BESOS. In the summer users can look out for our HTML/XML version of Hashicorp’s Terraform tool, complete with web GUI, that we call Terror-Form.

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