Jamie Dobson

    Jamie Dobson
    Jamie Dobson is co-founder and chief executive officer at Container Solutions.

    The 3 Strategic Skills the COVID-19 Crisis Will Teach Us

    There are moments in a business that are full of uncertainty. Sometimes you thrust that uncertainty onto yourself— for example, when you start a new business or try to create a new product. Sometimes ...

    Cloud Native (and Beyond): Strategy for Beginners

    Check out video from one of our webinars on strategy here. I am going to be very honest right now: I wrote this blog a year ago. It was during a time when members of my own team were driving me mad wi...

    Don't Be A Deadbeat: Cloud Native Transformation Design Fails

    In his 1979 book, The Timeless Way of Building, Christopher Alexander tells a wonderful story of two barns. The first was extremely long, over 240 feet, and instead of having doors at the end (where y...

    Cloud Native and High-Performance Organisations

    You may be wondering, what is the relationship between high-performance organisations and Cloud Native? It’s quite simple, really. Cloud Native is a sociotechnology, meaning it encompasses technical e...

    7 min read

    The 5 Skills You Need for Strategic Leadership

    At Container Solutions, we differentiate between leadership and strategic leadership. Both involve inspiring a group with a vision of the future. Both involve connecting a starting point, A, with an e...

    4 min read

    Why the 10x Engineer Myth Needs to Go

    There was a whole kerfuffle on Twitter this weekend because someone posted about 10X engineers. I didn’t give it much thought. However, over the weekend, the noise just didn’t seem to stop, which got ...

    6 min read

    The Power of Value Hierarchies in Enterprise Cloud Native (and everywhere else, too)

    Dynamic companies (or programmes of work) need a way of rapidly making day to day decisions without seeking consent or approval. One way to do this is with a value hierarchy. A value hierarchy explain...

    13 min read

    Why Do Cloud Migrations Fail?

    This is part four in series of blogs about strategy. The third part is here. The starting point is here.

    Structure is Not Enough; Or, Why People Matter