Anne Currie Teams Up With Container Solutions

LONDON — 21 March 2017 — Anne Currie and Container Solutions to join forces to further their aim of helping SMEs and Enterprises reap the benefits of Cloud Native.

Anne Currie will be working with Container Solutions on a public project to encapsulate the current state of Cloud Native and Programmable Infrastructure. They'll be talking to Enterprises across Europe and the US about their architectures - what Enterprises see as the successes, the potentials and the problems of Cloud Native and what those Enterprises want to see happen next.

“Cloud-native computer applications show a way through difficult challenges - such as increasing business agility, reducing hardware costs, or freeing employees for higher-value work. Switching to 'cloud-native' is therefore almost always a strategic decision” said Jamie Dobson, CEO Container Solutions.

“Enterprises have a great deal to gain from a Cloud Native approach in terms of time to value for new products and projects.” said Anne Currie, consultant and co-founder of Microscaling Systems. “However, the change is not an easy or a purely technical one for any business. We want to better understand the resources Enterprises need to help them effectively leverage the astonishing tools that are now available to them”.

About Container Solutions
Container Solutions is a pan-European company, with offices in Amsterdam, London, Zurich, Edinburgh and Copenhagen. They deliver software engineering services and tools for container-based development. Well established in the container and microservice open source ecosystems, Container Solutions counts among its partners HashiCorp and Mesosphere. More at:

About Anne Currie
Based in London, Anne Currie was the co-founder of the Microscaling and Microbadger projects, which exemplified the concept of programmable infrastructure based on dynamically-managed, container-packaged applications. She has been in tech for over 20 years in a variety of senior roles and sectors within the Enterprise and as a vendor.

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