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    3 Key Practices for Building Organisational Resilience

    Three key practices help us prepare for a crisis:

    1 min read

    How Hard Is It to Deliver a Virtual Conference in 6 Weeks? (Spoiler: Very)

    Events and content production are at the heart of Container Solutions' marketing strategy. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic didn’t change this strategy, but certainly affected its execution. 

    Meet Container Solutions's New CTO: a Chat With Ian Crosby

    What a time to start a new job. In June, in the midst of COVID-19-related economic upheaval around the world, Container Solutions named its new chief technology officer. Ian Crosby replaces CS co-foun...

    9 min read

    6 Patterns for Coping With a Fast-Moving Crisis

    When the year 2020 started, many businesses—including ours—were looking forward to blue skies ahead. Little did we know that a worldwide pandemic would force us to leave our offices, quarantine in our...

    7 min read

    GitOps: The Bad and the Ugly

    I recently spoke with the developers of Humanitec, a Continuous Delivery platform for Kubernetes. Humanitec is interesting because, contrary to recent trends, it’s not based on a GitOps deployment wor...

    4 min read

    A Painless Guide to Blameless Postmortems

    Humans are built to make mistakes. It’s how we learn. That’s true whether you work for a small startup or a global enterprise. The trick is to try to avoid making the same mistakes, over and over. 

    Cloud Native and Wishful Thinking—or, How to Avoid Buying Coconut Headphones

    ‘Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket’.  —Eric Hoffer, moral and social philosopher

    37 min read

    Cloud Native Java: Infrastructure Automation with Kubernetes Operators

    Java (and its other JDK-based siblings) is the most widely used programming language in large companies. Java developers are backend focused and used to building complex distributed systems. Yet these...

    Comparing Chaos Engineering Tools for Kubernetes Workloads

    For most people the word ‘chaos’ means complete disorder and confusion. So what does it mean to engineer chaos? The distributed systems we build are becoming more and more complex, thus their state ca...