4 min read

    Why the 10x Engineer Myth Needs to Go

    There was a whole kerfuffle on Twitter this weekend because someone posted about 10X engineers. I didn’t give it much thought. However, over the weekend, the noise just didn’t seem to stop, which got ...

    How Your CI/CD Pipeline Reflects Your Organisation’s Structure

    The Five Stages of Transformation: The Cloud Native Emotions

    Whenever I start working with a new client -- no matter who it is or what business they’re in -- there is one thing that happens every time. Without failure, the moment comes where someone will look y...

    The Cloud Native Paradigm Shift: Are You Ready?

    At Container Solutions, when we say we help companies transform themselves into Cloud Native entities, we use that term for a very specific reason. Cloud Native is a major paradigm shift, not just the...

    7 min read

    What's In It For Me? What's the Business Case for Cloud Native? Part 2

    In the first part of this blog two-parter we discussed who shouldn't embark on a Cloud Native transformation right now. In part two, we'll talk about who should.

    What's In It For Me? What's the Business Case for Cloud Native?

    The very first step in building a Cloud Native business case is figuring out if going Cloud Native is even the right thing for your company to do!