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Michael Müller

Michael Müller
Michael Müller is managing director for DACH and CEE at Container Solutions.

Blog Posts

How We Do ‘Naked Consulting’ at Container Solutions

Mar 27, 2020 by Michael Müller

Over the course of my time at Container Solutions, I have read a lot of business books and consulting books, but none that got as close to what we at CS believe about working with customers as Patrick Lencioni’s Getting Naked.

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What Is 15Five, and Why Is Container Solutions Using It?

Mar 5, 2020 by Michael Müller

Container Solutions is growing fast. This is good news! But when a company becomes this large—we are now more than 100 people, and adding more every week—we can no longer simply stop by each others’ desks for a quick check-in. Especially when those desks are spread out across seven different countries, and two continents!

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Why We're Adopting Pixar's 'Braintrust' Model at Container Solutions

Sep 19, 2019 by Michael Müller

Engineers at Container Solutions take on complicated and creative projects and might become lost along the way. To create something great, you have to become part of it. You have to live and breathe it. But that passion can also become a problem, because it’s too easy to lose sight of what is essential.

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Kubernetes Quick Tip: Whitelisting source IP with Ingress in Kubernetes

Feb 10, 2017 by Michael Müller

If you are using Ingress on your Kubernetes cluster it is possible to restrict access to your application based on dedicated IP addresses. One possible use case would be that you have a development setup and don't want to make all the fancy new features available to everyone, especially competitors. In such cases, IP whitelisting to restrict access can be used .This can be done with specifying the allowed client IP source ranges through the.

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Test driving the Docker Universal Control Plane

Feb 22, 2016 by Michael Müller

The Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP) is the commercial management solution for containerised applications inside a public cloud or on-premise. It is built on top of Docker Swarm. All UCP components are also running as containers.

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