Ian Crosby

Ian Crosby
Ian Crosby is managing director for Canada at Container Solutions.

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Container Solutions expands to Canada

Sep 14, 2018 by Ian Crosby

At Container Solutions, we specialize in cloud native strategy and technologies. What that means practically is that on a day to day basis our engineers and consultants are working with organizations to assist them with cloud native transformations. From analyzing and understanding their current state to building a roadmap, architecture, and strategy, to implementing proper cloud native practices.

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Delivering Kubernetes Native Applications with Helm

Jun 29, 2018 by Ian Crosby

Last week, at the GOTO Conference Amsterdam, I gave a talk on how Kubernetes is in the process of crossing The Chasm. As in, the notable (and perilous) gap that exists in the Technology Adoption Lifecycle spectrum between early adopters -- who are willing to invest sweat equity in new/developing technologies -- and mainstream users looking for a turn-key solution with a mature feature set and tooling. Kubernetes is at a critical crossover.

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My Journey: From Engineer to Founder

Mar 28, 2018 by Ian Crosby

“The stuff that I used to play with in my free time is now what I do day to day.”

--- Ian Crosby, aka Captain Canada: Container Solutions Engineer

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Production Ready Ingress on Kubernetes

Feb 7, 2018 by Ian Crosby

I recently had an interesting project building a proof of concept for a cloud based platform. The PoC is composed of a few services, a message queue and a couple simple UIs. All the pieces are containerized and deployed on Kubernetes (GKE).  As a final task before sending this over to the client, I needed to expose the front end publicly. What seemed like a straightforward task turned out to be a bit more time consuming, partially due to the.

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Securing Dynamic Environments in Kubernetes

Dec 7, 2017 by Ian Crosby

In my previous blog post we set up a Continuous Integration pipeline which created dynamic, ephemeral environments in Kubernetes. This was done exclusively using Kubernetes namespaces.

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