Mending a Broken Psychological Contract: Understanding Liars and Ethical Dilemmas at Work

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    Why Every Tech Company Needs a Psychologist

    The technology workforce is more likely to suffer from mental health issues than the general population is. According to a 2019 survey by Open Sourcing Mental Illness (OSMI), a nonprofit organisation ...

    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Psychological Safety

    I’ve worked at Container Solutions for two years, but I don’t come from a tech background. I went to journalism school and spent many years in newsrooms. It was a fun job, most of the time—you’re surr...

    How To Waste Hundreds of Millions on Your IT Transformation

    You’re a few years into your tenure as CEO of Vandelay Industries, a behemoth in the transpondsting space that’s existed for many decades.

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    What Is the White Male Role in Improving Gender Diversity?

    We all know— or should know by now—that diverse teams and organisations are more successful and creative, have better retention rates, and result in a healthier workplace culture. The data to undersco...

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    WTF Is Ethical Software Development?

    The US state of Arizona added a new rule for early release from prison, but the computer system that calculates release dates could not incorporate it and was not updated. So hundreds of people have j...

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    What Can We Learn from the Ofqual Algorithm Debacle?

    If you’re looking for an example of how ostensibly smart people can accidentally mess up other people’s lives, look no farther than the case of last year’s UK public exams.